Thursday, March 8, 2012

Custom Design Paintings by Posey Pose

Exactly a week ago, I decided to start my own little business.... Custom Design Paintings by Posey Pose (which can be found on Facebook) I have been painting for years and one day I was thinking, why not make a little money off of something I do on a daily basis.
In the past week, I have custom designed a few items for friends and family. I have more orders coming my way too! Lately, all I have been doing is painting, drawing, and working out, which is perfectly fine with me. I am doing things I absolutely love, which brings me happiness.

Starting in the next few days, my items will be sold on Etsy once I finalize some items.

One of my paintings I did a few years ago of the famous Afgani Girl

A custom Wooden Plaque for my friend's birthday

A custom Tote I designed for my GGLittle. She's from Maryland, so obviously a Blue Crab was needed!

I do custom designs on request, but in the next few days my items can be found on Etsy for sell that are just fun designs!