Thursday, March 8, 2012

Custom Design Paintings by Posey Pose

Exactly a week ago, I decided to start my own little business.... Custom Design Paintings by Posey Pose (which can be found on Facebook) I have been painting for years and one day I was thinking, why not make a little money off of something I do on a daily basis.
In the past week, I have custom designed a few items for friends and family. I have more orders coming my way too! Lately, all I have been doing is painting, drawing, and working out, which is perfectly fine with me. I am doing things I absolutely love, which brings me happiness.

Starting in the next few days, my items will be sold on Etsy once I finalize some items.

One of my paintings I did a few years ago of the famous Afgani Girl

A custom Wooden Plaque for my friend's birthday

A custom Tote I designed for my GGLittle. She's from Maryland, so obviously a Blue Crab was needed!

I do custom designs on request, but in the next few days my items can be found on Etsy for sell that are just fun designs! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Palm Beach Sandal Company

I know a lot of people have heard and wear Jack Rogers, but they are not the "original" Palm Beach sandal. The original was Luigi, who came up with the style. They became so fashionable, that the Jack Rogers company mass produced sandals that looked like Luigi's.

Anyone from Palm Beach and some parts of South Florida, should know the Bonanno Sandals. Bonanno sandals is an offspring of the original Luigi sandals, because Mr. Bonanno worked for Mr. Luigi. I have been wearing Bonanno sandals my whole life. Mother got me my first pair when I was 2 years old. I wish I had a picture of them handy. They were so cute! The Bonanno family is a local West Palm Beach family, who have marketed their sandals very well in Palm Beach County.

Now the company is called, Palm Beach Sandal Company. When people see my Palm Beach Sandals they automatically think they are Jack Rogers, but they aren't. PB Sandals are 100% leather (unlike JR) and you can custom make your sandals.

Right now I am working on two sandals. One is for my Mother's Fox hunting club in Maryland and the other one is for my college, Washington College. I have also custom made sandals for my Little & Glittle in my sorority! My niece just went off to Ole Miss and I custom designed her sandals to have Ole Miss colors (all of her friends want to borrow them for the games), and some my sorority sisters have called Monica (the owner) to help them design their ideal sandal!

Palm Beach Sandals is family owned and they are so friendly and welcoming! It is so nice to have things personalized! Y'all should check them out! Also...Lilly Pultizer herself wears Palm Beach Sandals!  Another fun fact, the first pair of sandals were designed for the fashion icon, Jackie O! Everyone deserves something special and personalized!
This is my sketch of what I want for Mother's hunt club sandal!

My favorite pair of PB Sandals

My personal collection!

My GLitte's personalized sandals. These are her favorite colors, so she obviously needed a pair with both colors!

This is my sketch for my Washington College sandal!